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4 Week Online Programme

Check out why we chose Lean On Me below, and also what happens during Performance Week. If you're keen to get involved in our 4 Week OnlIne Programme then please head over to our REGISTER NOW page.

Week 1-3: Lean On Me by Bill Withers

The music that Bill Withers wrote in this song is beautifully simple and the lyrics carry with them both passion for friendship and calmness in oneself. Lyrics like 'just call on me, brother' and the repeated 'call me' in the coda express a friend reaching out to help another, and we're extremely proud of how our arrangement amplifies this unity with a slightly more uptempo feel. The past 10 months have shown more than anything that this title sentiment is an essential part of our lives right now.

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Week 4: Performance Week


During Week 4, you’ll receive high quality orchestral tracks for Merry Christmas Everybody, and you will be invited to record your vocal part (either video or audio), to be added to our Virtual Choir Performance. Don’t worry if you’ve never recorded yourself at home before, as the Carry On Singing team will be sending out handy tips on how to achieve the best quality when recording during the programme. You won't need any fancy equipment or a home recording studio, as a phone or computer will give us exactly what we need.

Friday 19th February 2021: Virtual Choir Performance Released

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