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Christmas Choir Course

We're already underway with our Christmas Choir Course, but if you're interested in finding out when our nest programme will be running, please sign up to our mailing list HERE.


This song simply exudes joy and celebration, qualities which are even more essential as our lives begin to change once again. Our arrangement lifts Slade's exuberance to a new height with all four harmony parts having their fair share of eccentricity. Musically, this is more complex than it initially sounds which has allowed us to really play around with the SATB harmonies and the standout lyric 'look to the future now' furthermore feels very fitting as we work to maintain positivity and hope for what's to come.

Weeks 1-3: Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade

Week 4: Performance Week


During Week 4, you’ll receive high quality orchestral tracks for Merry Christmas Everybody, and you will be invited to record your vocal part (either video or audio), to be added to our Virtual Choir Performance. Don’t worry if you’ve never recorded yourself at home before, as the Carry On Singing team will be sending out handy tips on how to achieve the best quality when recording during the programme. You won't need any fancy equipment or a home recording studio, as a phone or computer will give us exactly what we need.

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Friday 18th December 2020: Virtual Choir Performance Released

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