What is it?

With Carry On Singing running for over a year now, we are delighted to give members old and new a chance to visit some of the songs they might have missed. Our Legacy Collection gives members the chance to purchase the materials in full for each song that we have arranged previously. This gives you access to the Sheet Music, Guide Tracks, Lyric Sheets, Warmups and Exercises AND our Step-by-Step Tuition Videos.


Please note that there may be references to the time of year when these videos were recorded. There will also be consistent reminders to practise for the Virtual Choir Performance, however you WILL NOT be able to participate in this for our Legacy Courses. You will however receive the link to the Virtual Choir Performance created at the time, so you can sing along!

How do I access them?

If you fill out the enquiry form below detailing which songs you would like access to, we will send you a payment request form within 24 hours. Once this payment request is completed, we will personally send you the materials you selected. As each order will be different, these emails will be done manually, but please do check your Junk Folder when you can as we'll aim to get them sent to you as soon as possible.

How much is it?

You will receive all 3 weeks of materials as well as the Virtual Choir Performance which was recorded at the time of the original programme, for the small sum of £10 eachIf you're interested in purchasing all of our previous songs (that's 9 in total) you can receive these for £50 overall. Remember you can check out what songs we've looked at previously by visiting our page: THE SONGS.

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Remember you'll receive a confirmation email right now, with a Payment Request coming through within the next 24 hours. Once this Payment Request is completed, you will receive an email containing the links to all of your newly purchased materials.

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