THE WEEKLY Materials

How does it work?


When you join us on a course at Carry On Singing, you'll receive an email every Friday containing links to all of your materials. These will include video-led vocal warmups and exercises, video tuition for each vocal part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass), as well as bespoke vocal tracks created by our team, and sheet music and lyric sheets for those who want to follow along.

The pre-recorded video tuition will be led by Laurie, who will guide you through your vocal part. You will be taught phrase by phrase and he will make sure to give you specific tips and tricks for any difficult sections or intricate harmonies.


Our 4-part harmony arrangement of will be taught across three weeks with the final week, Week 4, being dedicated to Performance Week. During Performance Week, you will be able to put all your hard work into practice and record yourself performing your vocal part. You’ll then send that to us, and we will include it in our professionally produced virtual performance video.

What does it look like?
How do I access it?


To host our materials, we use the online platform Dropbox. Each email sent on Friday will contain a unique link for all four vocal parts to access their materials. Dropbox is a wonderful service which allows you to play our Videos, listen to the Guide Tracks and view/print the Sheet Music and Lyric Sheets all in the same online location. You can even download all of our materials, enabling you to practise through your MP3 player or whenever you don't have an internet connection. These materials can be accessed for the entirety of the programme and beyond! 

At Carry On Singing, we believe that Dropbox is super user-friendly, but if you are struggling to work the system we will, of course, be extremely happy to help out!

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The weekly roundup of warmups and exercises

You'll be taught new and exciting warmups every week.

Easily download our materials for extra rehearsal

Learn in a way that's best for you with a choice of Sheet Music or Lyric Sheets

Practise alongside Laurie with just your vocal part or against all four SATB parts 

Be taught your vocal part in detail, as Laurie leads you through at a steady pace